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Aquatic Experience - Water, Fill & Drain Request Form 

Show Management will provide filtered, temperature controlled fresh WATER for filling your fish tanks (Please fill out the water request form in advance). Fresh water will be available from hoses on the perimeter of the show floor, or from rolling buckets near the back of the hall.

RO (Reverse Osmosis) SALT water will be available for those who request it. Additionally, marine salt is available for those who would like to mix their own salt water. All requests for water must be made by September 27, 2019.

Fritz Aquatics Reef Pro Mix (RPM) is the official marine salt provider and sponsor of Aquatic Experience.

When draining water, dump into rolling trash bins that are located around the exhibit hall and, take outside to the bottom of ramps located in the back of the convention center to empty into the drain located outside by the loading dock. Do NOT drain water and/or discard any debris inside any bathrooms.

*It is your responsibility to practice proper drainage –  Any damage to the drains will be at the expense of the exhibitor.*

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For further questions, please contact Zach Franck via email or call 626.447.2222, 800.999.7295.

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