Membership Application - Associate Form

Please take the time to fill out the information below to allow for a prompt processing of your application.


Membership Application - Associate Form
Please take the time to fill out the information below to allow for a prompt processing of your application.

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Has Applicant any ownership connection or other affiliation (legal, business or familial) with any other firm in the pet industry? *
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Is this other firm a member of WPA?
Has Applicant ever been a member of WPA? *
If Applicant answered yes, was it under the same name? If so, when and where.
If it was under another name, state name and years.
Do you issue a catalog? (if so please send in a copy)
Does Applicant make retail sales?
Check current industry memberships Applicant currently holds.
If Applicant answered other, please describe.
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List three industry suppliers with whom you have done business.
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Please attach a copy of your business license or other business document showing your company's legal business status. (i.e. a city business license.) *

Please attach a copy of your catalog or sales literature used in selling your products/services. *

We agree to abide by the By-laws of WPA and with all regularly adopted amendments thereto. We also agree to conscientiously conduct our personal relationship with the trade and in all matters pertaining to business in conformity with recognized standards of business practice. We declare all information contained in this Application and questionnaire to be true and accurate. Further, we understand that acceptance of this Application and membership in the Association is subject to approval of its Board of Directors and that we will be notified of the Board's action.
By Applicant's acknowledgement below, Applicant consents to the dissemination of all information contained in or attached to this Application to members of the Association's Board of Directors in order that the Application may be processed notwithstanding the fact that some members of the Board may be competitors of the Applicant and Applicant herby releases the Association from any and all claims alleged to have occurred as a result of the release of information contained in this Application.
Permission is given to contact all references given in this Application.

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